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HIV-Positive people should never lose heart. Breakthroughs in HIV medicine are happening every moment. The day is not far when you shall learn that HIV is conquered. So get your mindset strong. For the present learn to live with HIV.
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 Latest Breakthrough in HIV & AIDS Medicine
New HIV Therapy Clears Out Hidden Virus
In what may prove to be a major breakthrough in the fight against HIV, researchers testing a new approach to treating the disease are inching closer toward a possible cure by eliminating reservoirs of the virus that escape current treatment by hiding in some cells.

Japanese scientists introduce new HIV drug
Japanese researchers have developed a durable new drug that blocks HIV from entering human cells and causes almost no side effects.

Swedish university to test HIV drug
Scientists at Sweden's Goteborg University have developed a new drug for testing in the treatment of HIV infection.

Scientists find new method to curb HIV
A team of Chinese and American scientists discovered a way to prevent the deadly HIV virus from spreading through the body.

Human cells can 'silence' HIV genes
The new finding that human cells can silence an essential part of HIV's genetic make-up could have important implications for the treatment of people infected with the virus.

Window Found In HIV-Cell Fusion
To ignite a life-threatening infection in the body, a virus such as HIV invades body cells by first merging, or fusing, with the cell's outer membrane.

German scientists find vulnerability in AIDS virus
Scientists in Germany said Tuesday they had discovered a new vulnerability in the AIDS virus which one day might allow them to devise a medicine to beat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Development of experimental HIV maturation inhibitor
Maturation inhibitors aim to interfere with the final stages of HIV replication in which viral copies are assembled and exit an infected cell.

FDA OKs Abbott's Once-Daily HIV Drug
The Food and Drug Administration approved a once-daily version of Abbott Laboratories' (ABT) Kaletra, a protease inhibitor used in combination with other drugs for the initial treatment of HIV.

Science Magazine Examines Feasibility of HIV Vaccine
Science magazine in its July 1 issue examined 125 questions "that scientists themselves are asking" on a broad range of issues, including whether an HIV vaccine is feasible.

Researchers Offer New Approach For Testing Potential HIV Vaccines
Emory University researchers have proposed a new design for HIV vaccine trials in animals that would more closely mimic how humans are exposed to the virus - potentially giving AIDS researchers a more effective tool in developing successful treatments to prevent HIV infection.
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